XCaliber SeaFire Diamond 9MM

The XCaliber Firearms LLC SeaFire Diamond 9MM silencer is among the quietest 9MM silencers in the world. The average sound pressure levels from this silencer are 124dB on most pistols. This silencer also makes an excellent submachine gun silencer too! This silencer comes with a booster housing and your choice of pistons. Additional pistons are available. Hard coat anodized high strength alloy tube and baffles. Includes a stainless steel blast baffle for hard wear. Finished in Flat Black Moly Resin.

Overall Length 8”
Weighs 9 ounces
Come with piston and RAD booster
Stainless Blast Baffle
Comes apart for cleaning by the end user
124dB average on most pistols
123dB average on an UZI submachine gun
124dB average on an MP5
1/2X28RH Pistons available
M13.5X1LH Pistons available
Fixed Barrel Mount available
300 Blackout Mount Available
Adjustable booster for POI shift
Full Auto Rated
Lifetime Warranty