Mountaineer-D 30 Caliber Silencer

XCaliber Firearms Mountaineer-D 30 Caliber Silencer is now available!  This multi-caliber rated silencer offers world class sound reduction at an affordable price.  Sound pressure levels on 7.62MM hosts range from 134dB to 136dB and 131dB to 134dB on 5.56MM hosts.  Each silencer comes with an adapter to allow for shooting 5.56MM hosts.  The core system is upgradable and quick attach mounts will be available in the future on this silencer.  This Mountaineer-D also is able to be disassembled by the end user (however this is not usually necessary on centerfire rifle silencers).  Most companies seal or weld centerfire rifle units so they cannot be upgraded.  By not sealing our units we can offer upgrades in the future at minimal cost and time.

Overall Length 8.5″

Weight 28 ounces

All Stainless Steel Construction

User Serviceable

Custom Battlecloth Pouch

1.5″ OD

Rated for Limited Full Auto Fire

300 AAC Blackout Silencer

Come with adapter to shoot 5.56MM/.223 Remington

Black Oxide Finish

Moly Resin Coated

5/8X24 Threaded





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