About Us

XCaliber Firearms LLC started in 2010 by John Titsworth and Jonathan Lunsford, both Mena Arkansas natives.  As of August 31, 2016, XCaliber Firearms is owned solely by Jonathan Lunsford and his wife, Penny.  Mr. Lunsford has over twenty-five years of experience in modern CNC machining, tool room expertise, CAD/CAM, product design, CNC mold design and manufacturing, and is the lead instructor for the Machine Tool Technology program at the local college.


Official Announcement

As of August 31, 2016 Jonathan Lunsford and John Titsworth would like to announce that XCaliber Firearms LLC is now wholly owned by Jonathan Lunsford and his wife, Penny.  John Titsworth and Jonathan Lunsford have ran the company successfully for over half a decade and Jonathan will take over the helm henceforth.

XCaliber started in July of 2010 manufacturing adapters, rimfire silencers, and AR10 lower receivers.  The business has expanded to manufacturing AR15 lower receivers, and firearm silencers for rimfire, centerfire handguns, centerfire rifles and currently manufactures the only multi-gauge shotgun silencer in the world.  It addition to barrel threading services and custom manufacturing services, XCaliber offers a full line of barrel thread adapters and three lug mounts.  Visit the website at www.xcaliberfirearms.com and www.thesilencerstore.com