XCaliber Genesis 22LR Silencers

We manufacturer the world’s quietest rimfire silencers in three basic types. The XCaliber Genesis Titanium, the XCaliber Genesis Stainless and the XCaliber Genesis Alluminum Each silencer has its benefits.  We use a specially adapted and innovative modified K baffle system.  K baffles are far more efficient than monocore silencers and M baffle silencers.  M baffle silencers work well on rifles, but are poor on shorter barrels such as pistols.  The monocore silencer suffers from the same phenomenon.  In order for a monocore silencer to achieve the sound pressure levels we obtain with our system, they must use a longer baffle stack.  That makes the suppressor unacceptably long and hinders practical use.  If the monocore is too short, it is usually not very quiet, but can “meter” well.  Also when a monocore silencer is to short the system exhibits a tremendous “first round pop.” This is often so loud it can be heard half a mile away under the right conditions. Our full-sized silencers offer the best sound reduction from the first shot to the last with no need for adding water and are multi-caliber rated.

The Genesis All Stainless Silencer is a real workhorse and can be used on all rimfire weapons including 22LR, 17HMR, 22 Winchester Rimfire Magnum, and 17HM2 (17 Hornady Mach 2). Its all stainless design allows for harsher cleaning methods than softernd super light weight. If you want small, light and quiet, this is it. Comes with Flat Black Moly Resin finish.  You can configure the silencer with a stainless blast baffle if you wish. We do offer baffle upgrades to all stainless steel and do offer a complete stainless Micro upon special request.  We also make a 25ACP version of this silencer in all stainless available on special request.

aluminum. Also the stainless tube is harder to dent if dropped or mishandled. Manufactured so that the end user can disassemble and clean, this is one of the best quality, quietest rimfire silencers in the world. It consistently measures 116-117dB on all subsonic rimfire hosts such as the Walther P22, Ruger MK3, Ruger 22/45, Ruger 10/22, CZ 452, etc… with CCI Standard Velocity. There is virtually no first round pop, so this silencer is quiet from the first shot to the last. First Round Pop is common to other silencer designs but is highly prevalent in monocore baffle designs. Comes with flat black Moly Resin over a black oxide finish. FULL AUTO RATED

* 5.5″ Overall Length
* 7.7 Ounces
* 100% 300 Series Stainless Steel
* Full Auto Rated
* 22LR
* 22 Magnum
* .17HMR
* 17HM2
* 5.7FN
* 22 Hornet
* End User Serviceable
* Custom Battlecloth Pouch with belt loop


The Genesis Micro Aluminum silencer is manufactured entirely of aluminum for light weight. Comes apart for cleaning by the end user. Measures approximately 117.5dB on most pistols and rifles using CCI Standard Velocity. This silencer also has no first round pop and must be fired with water (WET) for effectiveness. All components are type III hard-coat anodized black. You can chose another color from the drop down menu below. This silencer is only 3.6 inches long a

* 3.6″ Overall Length
* less than 2 Ounces
* 7076T6 Aluminum caps and internals/ 6061 Tube
* Wet Performance 39dB Quietest in the industry for it’s size
* Custom Battlecloth Pouch with belt loop